Step 19: Second Lake Walk

  • CS20-CP1 Apply various problem-solving strategies to solve programming problems throughout Computer Science 20.
  • CS20-CP2 Use common coding techniques to enhance code elegance and troubleshoot errors throughout Computer Science 20.
  • CS20-FP2 Investigate how control structures affect program flow.


For the following challenge, you will need to put to use much of the knowledge you have gained in the previous steps. You may find that it is helpful to look back to your solution for Step 14.

Open Step 19 on the Reeborg environment.

Reeborg has found a much more interesting lake to walk around.


Try to adapt the solution you made for Step 14 to make it work with this new lake. Reeborg should once again put down the banana at the starting position and continue walking along the border of the lake (this time, a gravel path) until it finds the banana again. Staying along the wall will be trickier this time, but that’s the challenge!


Your solution for this world should also work in the Step 14 world!

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